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Tarot Readings

Individual, one-time tarot readings.

Individual, one-time tarot readings. Head over to my tarot shoppe to learn more.

Birth Chart Readings

Individual horoscope for your sun, moon, and rising sign.

Personalized birth chart readings for your sun, moon, and rising sign.

The Manifestation Workshop

A guided workshop for manifestation.

The Manifestation Workshop is an enriching series of guided exercises, designed to enhance and strengthen your personal manifestation practice. This workshop includes three reflective exercises, a guided tarot practice, and a specially-curated closure ritual.

Moon & Spirit Membership

The Moon & Spirit membership is a collective for those called by the cosmic realm.  As a member, you are entitled to three monthly tarot readings of your choice, as well as a birth chart for your sun, moon, and rising sign.  In addition, we will explore The Wheel of the Year and other natural events.  You will also receive The Star Newsletter, which is a monthly overview of all astrological events and how they will affect you.  This is a welcoming space to all; anyone is welcome to join!