About & Contact

Hello, I’m Mayzi Jo. I’m an artist based in North Eastern Pennsylvania. I published my first book of short stories in 2017, and have been avidly growing my brand since.

My mission is to create a safe and welcoming space for those looking to expand their knowledge of the Earth, their body, and the cosmic realm. I utilize horoscopes, writing, and other forms of divination and education to pursue this.

On this platform, I share my perspective on astrology, divination, healing, women’s, and menstruating being’s wellness, as well as the health and preservation of our Earth. To me, these are all intertwined discussions, and one would not be complete without the rest. These topics resonate with me at a core level, and I am incredibly grateful to share my knowledge.

If you’d like to collaborate, my contact information is below.

For business and collaborative inquires only: mayzijo@gmail.com