Libra Season | 2021

Enter, Libra:

Charming, romantic, and ever-changing. They are the seventh zodiac sign, depicted as the scales. They weigh their options carefully — always aware of the pros and cons. But they love the game, the risk. As a true romantic entrepreneur, they make the most of every moment, seizing it, and then leaving it. They allow very little to hold them down, and they are smart for this. A true Libra will always have an escape plan, even if there’s nothing to run from. For them, tactful is a word to flesh out, and live.

Libra Season

September 22 — October 23

Here is the year inside the month that you’ve been waiting for. This is the moment to spread yourself out, and admire the way that all your veins convene at their allotted points. You’ll be reminded how good it feels to be united, to have a body to move along with. An agreement. A promise. These are things that we frequently take for granted. But with Libra, we will remember that they are a currency. Do not spend frivolously, but freely. Being an opportunist is only negative if you make it negative.

So do not hinder all the small ways that you grow. These disjointed limbs that sprout from you are seedlings, meant to be buried for the sake of greater pursuits. With Libra, it is essential to cater to the details. Zone in. Zone out. See how these details add up, and form a mosaic. See how they build a bigger picture that is worth aspiring towards. During this period, creation is calling to be indulged in. The poetry, art, and memorable parts of life that sprint to the forefront of your mind all function as small clues, pointing towards your budding, now heightened sense of self. It blooms where you water — where that is, and where that water comes from, is your choice.

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