Full Moon in Aquarius | August 2021

Hello and happy Full Moon!

What is the last Full Moon of summer supposed to feel like, other than gregarious and visceral? This Full Moon in Aquarius has already accomplished that, and so, they will morph along with every other facade that strikes them — always moving, moving, moving along. And liberating themselves throughout.

Our Full Moon in Aquarius will occur on August 22, at approximately 8:01 AM (EST), in the 29°.

Full Moon in Aquarius

The day will be bewildering. Curious, but endearing. Ponder what buys your attention by thinking about how and why it does so. Aquarius wants us to understand the finer factors of our minds, and of ourselves. Be willing to go off on a limp — or off on a tangent — to discover a faraway or forgotten place. Be willing to go back and revisit a landmark in your life, to watch the ghosts vanish upon your arrival. With this Full Moon, Aquarius will invite us to think about the permanence of our decisions. Here, it will become clear — our choices will always be moving, whether they launch us forwards or backwards. Either way, we will miss the stillness.

And what is everything if not a rolling experience, continuously undoing and redoing itself all for the sake of the ritual, the enduring process? Aquarius nods along to the spiels of the world, finding logic and magic within them. Under this Full Moon, it will all seem simple, if not a tad remedial. Your perspective may feel sharpened — almost as if you’ve been led to an epiphany. Simple or too simple, strange clarity will wash over this day, renewing you for the cycles of change to come. Wherever you are now, take a moment to see it. Move to move. See to see.

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