Gemini Season | 2021


Our Sun has officially entered Gemini, the third of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the twins, Gemini is an abundant, boundless Air sign. Their spirit is unhindered by even the most drab of energies, making them a force to admire. If you need to learn how to live, and live well — but with a little petty flair — a Gemini can teach you.


May 21 — June 20

It’s time to realize just how complicated the human experience is. But there is nearly no way to chew a bite so big, so you may as well cut this tidbit up, and share it with all your friends. Vastness — in outing plans, word choice, and lunch dessert options — could all be considered carefully right now. But of course, why not just wing it, and make it all spur of the moment? The only way to know is to try. And try, Gemini will. Their curiosity is one that cannot be stomped out. Prepare for new loves and disdains alike.

As we are now paired with a sign who loves nothing more than to talk and express themselves, it is required that we do so. No matter how gravely and buried, dig your most inner voice out of its grave, and use it. Resurrect your sense of creativity. Now is the time to sing, dream, experiment, and scream, and not care whether the feeling lasts forever. Remember that the way you present and express yourself is all relative, and can only really stick around if you want it to. Document yourself. Write down your thoughts and make up poems. You will be surprised just how much change you undergo in a day, and how quickly this morphs into weeks, months, and years. But Gemini isn’t one to really abide by time, so don’t be surprised if your newfound passions keep you up to the bright morning hours. This is simply their process in action.

However, the burnout can be real. A Gemini is never too shy to walk away from something they think is boring and move on to something more self-affirming and fun. That being said, it can be hard to keep up with this sign. Although you may feel compelled to be moving at rapid speed every waking (and unwaking) moment of the day, you may be a little lost when everyone else is light years behind you, still processing last night’s events. Remember to slow down. The objective of experimentation isn’t to barrel through it, it’s to do it. Move at your own pace, however intense or slow. Having a rhythm to follow will serve you well during this time. Listen for your cues.

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