New Moon in Taurus | 2021


Our New Moon in Taurus has arrived. Right now, you may be called to create a kinder, more patient outlook for the world (and yourself). It’s a great time to surrender to reflection, and what it may teach you. Look back on all the ways you have loved, given, and received. What do they each have in common?

Our New Moon in Taurus will occur on May 11, at approximately 2:59 PM (EST).

New Moon in Taurus

With this Moon, decipher what manifestation means for you. Is it a mantra, a ritual, an action, or a little mix of everything? With this New Moon in Taurus, you may feel called to set your intentions for the coming lunar month(s), as well as release some of the emotions that have come to pass. In fact, unresolved issues may resurface in the wake of this New Moon, so be patient with yourself — and others. Make conscious space for the new beginnings that are coming by working through — rather than repressing — these feelings. Trying out a new hobby, routine, or recipe may be especially fueling for you, and may also grant you a new perspective. Small inspirations can go a long way, so entertain your curiosity and creativeness. With Taurus, it will be all the more rewarding.

Now is also a good time to recognize how your path (goals, etc) has changed and will continue to change in the coming months. Take a full moment to bask in your surroundings. Think — is this a place I’d call home? Why or why not? If our past Full Moon in Scorpio was unearthing for you, remember that it is more than okay to scatter some seeds along your way. Your reputation and connections will serve as mighty tools, even as you come and go. Under this New Moon, changes will continue to unfold — but now, they may be leading us to where we’d like to be. Don’t be afraid to voyage into uncharted territory.

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