Full Moon in Scorpio | 2021


Our Full Moon in Scorpio has arrived to demystify and instigate. Under this Full Moon, truths will be unearthed, and veils will be lifted. Put out what you want to attract, and take off your masks. If you want honesty, you have to be honest. And if you want genuinity, you have to show what you are. With Scorpio, it’s clear — hiding won’t help you grow.

Our Full Moon in Scorpio will occur on April 27, at approximately 3:31 AM (EST).

Full Moon in Scorpio

When was the last time you let yourself fully recognize your feelings for what they are? No judgement, shame, or apprehension to call them by their names. Just you and yourself, working it out. This Full Moon may be just the time to do so. With our Moon in Scorpio opposing our Sun in Taurus, plus Mars in Cancer, and the current Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, it’s time to shed old ways of being. The deep, dark feels are creeping in, but we shouldn’t shy away. It’s time to illuminate your inner conflicts, and resolve them, rather than judge yourself for having them.

With Scorpio, self reflection is unavoidable. The good news is, Scorpio’s desire to be unconventional will make it easy to be radically accepting. Your quirks may be just the tool you need to make yourself stand out, and attract exactly what you want. Point your critical energy in healthy directions, and use it to make needed changes. Purge energetic ties. Release self limiting beliefs and habits. Dedicate time to exploring your interests, ‘practical’ or not. With such intensity in the air, self care is necessary. Under this Full Moon, reclaim yourself however you see fit. No matter how big or how small, Scorpio loves a little resistance to the status-quo. So, assert your boundaries, and accept yourself. It’s time to shed, and feel empowered when doing so.

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