Taurus Season | 2021


Our Sun has officially entered Taurus, the second of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the bull, Taurus is a gracious, perfectly unbothered Earth sign. They take things as they come, with both a leisure and a dedication that is difficult for anyone else to recreate. With this sign, we will be called to experiment on all fronts of work and play. It’s time to prioritize joy, and the amount of time we allot for it.


April 19 — May 20

There are many beauties of being in the presence of Taurus energy. They are grounding, truly enjoyable company. Paired with our Sun, this cosmic walk will be just the reminder we all need to romanticize and experience our present moment — not muddle in the past or spar with the future. If you’ve been dying to add some ritual or downtime to your day-to-day, now is the time to get that slow ball rolling. And if you’d like to curate a more loving, less diehard way of getting things done, Taurus will come in clutch for this as well. There are many ways to get something done, but Taurus will teach us how to actually enjoy the task at hand, rather than just push through. Reality is their friend, and soon will be yours, too.

In fact, this Taurus season will be deeply motivating for us. Now is not the time to doubt your place in this world. Think of what comes to you in visions of peace, belogining, and your greatest servitude. Dedicate time and energy to pursuing this, and watch as it not just opens doors, but builds a home for you. Taurus will teach you that what feeds your most honorable sense of Self is essential. You can be ambitious, successful, and adventurous while still following your code of ethics and likings. With Taurus, you can be confident in your ability to be selective. It is all just a matter of trusting yourself enough to go for the things you like.

Know that you can build a life for yourself. You can attract the security, routine, and steadiness you desire. The future you are manifesting is within the air that surrounds you now, watching you as you live. Show it what you stand for — and give thanks to what you stand on. It is all a part of the process.

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