New Moon in Aries | 2021


Our New Moon in Aries has arrived to offer us a refreshing new perspective. With Aries, is time to follow what calls you — as well as reflect on what has lost you. How often do you lose your interest in something you loved just days before? How many projects have you left unfinished? Why does this happen? This New Moon will call us to tie up loose ends, and find the value in these experiences. After all, they’ve guided you here.

Our New Moon in Aries occurred April 11, at approximately 10:30 PM (EST).

New Moon in Aries

Perhaps our last lunar month was pleasantly, but unexpectedly challenging for you. Perhaps it has caused you to enter a new, more enduring routine — and you may not be sure how to feel about it. In the past weeks leading up to this New Moon, signs and synchronicities may have appeared for you. Identify and catalog them, and use your discernment when inspiring action based on them. Aries wants us to lead ourselves in order to manifest and actualize what we desire. Allow your intuition, as well as your physical action, to guide you. This balance is important.

Under this New Moon, you may also be called to reflect on past commitments of your energy. How did they keep you from investing in yourself? Did they stop you from moving forward? Be sure that history is not repeating. Aries asks us to be free and unbridled, but do not let that come at the cost of being burnt out. Your ideas — alike your energy — are your own, and it is rightful to distribute them at your will. So, find a target to aim for. Right now, creative pursuits and their success are potent. Pursue something. Let it fuel you while you build it from the ground up. This is how it should be.

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