Full Moon in Libra | 2021


Our Full Moon in Libra has arrived to realign us with our deepest dreams and ideas. To what extent do you embody what you desire daily? Weekly? Monthly? Libra wants to know how invested we are in ourselves and in our goals, as well as that of our collective sphere. Somewhere along the line, there is a driving force behind our actions. Find it, name it, and decide it’s fate from there. If you can uncover this truth, others will become much more clear. Level with it.

Our Full Moon in Libra will occur on March 28, at approximately 2:48 PM (EST).

Full Moon in Libra

With Libra, you will find that it is easier to embody your truth than it is to resist it. But of course, you must make way for this truth. It is easier to say what you need, if you have the ears to listen. It is easier to leave something, if you have the freedom to do so. Dedicate this time to seeing exactly what is within your means, and how you can activate these opportunities. Then, work to expand your reach. Under this Full Moon, we will see where we stand, and we will see where we can go.

The way you see yourself in relation to others will be highlighted too. Do your interactions fuel and inspire you, or do they make you want to retreat? Do you feel comfortable taking up space, or do you feel as though you must earn it? Do you feel your occupied space has been intruded upon — now or in the past? Know that these feelings are valid, and that they must be addressed. You may find that this Full Moon reminds you of your inner/interpersonal patterns, as it may invoke some surprising interactions. Remember not to compromise yourself simply to entertain a whim. There are bigger and better things to receive gratification from.

This Full Moon will spark a knowing inside of us. Whatever outgrown situation(s) you reside in now will once again be made known to you. Perhaps this will emerge in the form of dreams, or physical experiences. Whatever the case, Libra asks that we acknowledge that action is required for us to progress forward. Now is not the time to hang onto spite — there is a new source of energy coming in, and it will be endearing for your spirit. Welcome it in.

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