Aries Season | 2021


Happy astro New Year! Aries season has finally arrived, and its mission is clear. Devise a plan, and you will make it through. It isn’t too often that the world is this accessible, so do as much as you can here. It isn’t impulsive if you can see and hear it calmly. In fact, it may be your saving grace.


March 20 — April 19

The jump from Pisces to Aries was a steep one. After moving from a mutable sign to a cardinal sign, our intentions will become all the more clear to the world. With torches blazing, we’re finding our way back to the starting line. We may appear as walking X-rays with such clear motives — but it will be in the best way possible. Honesty is a policy that typically runs skewed. With Aries, though, it will be right to the point. Proceed with caution, as you may come off as more blunt than intended.

You will find that this period is just as challenging as it is reaffirming. It will lead us to search for the new and exciting, regardless of the consequences. Remember to take a moment to think before you act. Stillness and boredom may seem like mortal enemies here, but they remain important to experience. Without these sensations, how do you know when to move forward? How do you know when to stop? With Aries, you must know why you do the things you do. There’s no room for futility in a world that’s always moving. Don’t make yourself passive when you should be taking control. Your input matters.

With such adaptable energy, Aries season can be just the quest you need. Here, it is important to not only manifest, but actualize. Do everything in your power to keep learning and experiencing during this period, as it is likely to set the theme for the coming months. If anything, just go for it! With Aries, there is always something to earn.

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