New Moon in Pisces | 2021


Our New Moon in Pisces has arrived. Under this Moon, be compassionate. With strong themes of acceptance and surrender, today is a good day to connect with others and yourself honestly. If you know what you need, express it. If you don’t know, express that too. It never hurts to know where you are, and how to help others find you.

Our New Moon in Pisces will occur on March 13, at approximately 10:21 AM (EST).

New Moon in Pisces

Under this New Moon, reconcile with your sense of self. They are here to be stripped down and built back up again. Don’t be a mirror for others any longer. Instead, tell them how they make you feel. Your empathy, though helpful for others, is not all for them. It is also for you. Radicalize this, and use it to embrace positive change in your own life. Chances are, you have realized that there are connections you must leave behind to rekindle your knowledge of yourself, and what you need. Let them fly. What is meant for you will return.

But before you do anything else, recognize that you are here. You are not the being you once were, and that is okay. You are evolving and shapeshifting every second. With Pisces, it will be natural to wonder. You may even feel a pang of regret today, as past choices may pop up unexpectedly in your memory. Know that all paths eventually merge with one another. You aren’t really looking for the destination, anyway — just the feeling of reaching a point of contentment. Know that you will find it. And along the way, embrace the process of becoming and un-becoming.

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