Full Moon in Virgo | 2021


Our Full Moon in Virgo has arrived to present us with opportunities and change. Here, choices will be made, and doors will be opened. With opportunities abound, it is hard not to manifest one’s success. But of course, this requires that we relinquish what blocks us. Under this Full Moon, take a long look at how your mistrust for your potential manifests. Moving forward, don’t compromise yourself.

Our Full Moon in Virgo will occur on February 27, at approximately 3:17 AM (EST).

Full Moon in Virgo

There is magic in practicality, and Virgo will make sure that you recognize it. The daily habits — or rituals — that you complete are both consciously and unconsciously tailored for your success. Notice these small ways that you manifest, and expand upon them. There is no shame in romanticizing them, either. The moments that you dedicate to aligning yourself are the moments that will propel you forward. With this Full Moon, prioritize them. They are much needed.

And as you progress with the energy of this Full Moon, take a moment to reflect. When you imagine your future, what do you see? With Virgo, we are being called to commit to our futures through action. Your manifestations and rituals must extend beyond the mind, and be reaffirmed with physical and energetic action. Do the work. Stand by your boundaries and choices. No matter how uncomfortable it feels, know that you can trust this process. You aren’t indecisive for shifting gears. In fact, you’d be a fool not to. Experiment unapologetically.

You will find that this process of trial and error — without judgement, guilt, or apprehension — may be just the rekindling you need. In order to find and maintain your passions, you must centralize them — and also be willingly to watch them change and grow. Don’t hold yourself to one vision. You may multitask, and work in all directions that call you. With the energy of this Full Moon, fruition is a given. Watch as you begin to align.

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