Pisces Season | 2021


Our Sun has officially entered Pisces, the last of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the fish, Pisces is a vulnerable creature with sophisticated grace. They navigate complex situations through their balance of logic and intuition. But they are also willing to take risks. After all, if it is an experience, it must be worth it. There is always something else to know.


February 18 — March 20

It is time to get comfortable with yourself. After a period of harsh introspection, you’ll realize that it’s better to be on your own side. The noise and the clutter of upkeeping appearances doesn’t serve you, anyway. If you’d like to bow-out of a certain social circle and its rules, do so. It is time to create your own sphere of communication and relationships. Learn how to care for others by caring for yourself, and vice versa.

If you are ignoring your intuition, now is the time to drop in and listen to it. With Pisces, your inner-dialogue is essential. It is your map, and your key. You need to harness it. Pisces will also call us to recognize the many ways that the mundane is magical. Practical thinking, without judgement, may be just the tool you need to overcome your self-doubt. And if all else fails, reframe your thinking once again. How could this be a catalyst for you? An adventure? A turning-point? There’s no shame in finding a way to grow in casual ways. Take what this time has to offer, and learn from it.

In fact, there will be much to claim — if we take action. Pisces is an inspiration and a half, and they will urge us to move beyond our current dynamics. What do you have to claim for yourself? If you are not manifesting, you should be. It is time to relinquish your lack mindset, and take a good, long look at what you have access to. With your resources, what can you do for yourself? What can you do for others? With Pisces, the subject of community is all the more apparent. Their intuitive power can be used to envision and actualize grand plans. Use it alongside your own intuition. Manifest and claim the future as abundant.

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