Aquarius Season | 2021


The Sun has officially entered Aquarius, the eleventh of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the water-bearer, Aquarius is a beginner with a finisher’s knowledge and grace. They are a shapeshifter by nature, and a revolutionist by force. They remind us that if we do not choose to make a change, the change will still find us. They say: you don’t have to be ready for everything, but you must remember — you have to accept this in order to be ready for anything else.


January 19 — February 18

Aquarius will urge us to move newly into each moment. During this time, past modes of thinking should be questioned, and so should authority. What guides you? Is it a want to be liked, or is it your own compass? Aquarius won’t tell you you’re wrong for it, but they will tell you what you are. Take bluntness lightly. Your feelings can change, and so can your motives.

In fact, change will be a running theme — and radically so. Now isn’t the time to hold yourself back. And with Aquarius, it will be all the more apparent if you are. So, make the change, and perhaps another one after that. Once the veil is lifted, and the weight is gone, you’ll see you have a lot more options than you anticipated. If anything, Aquarius will teach us that self-control, if left unchecked, can easily hold us hostage. There’s a fine-line between knowing better and not knowing at all.

Make it your mission to experience and know. This time with Aquarius is especially fruitful for growth and self-expression. So, find new outlets. Make a plan that will lead you toward your goals. Allow yourself to change, in both big and small ways. Know that you are meant to morph.

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