New Moon in Capricorn | January 2021


Our New Moon in Capricorn has arrived, and it will inspire us to continue aiming high. Take a moment, and remember what is possible. There is an entire world outside of your view. But you can walk, you can hear, and you can see. In fact, you can go there. But to move forward, you must meet yourself where you already are.

Say hello, and then goodbye.

Our New Moon in Capricorn will occur on January 13, at approximately 5:00 AM (EST).

New Moon in Capricorn

This New Moon offers us a moment of stillness and stability amidst the chaos of the passing weeks. It is a cosmic reminder to ground and center. We are constantly reacting to the world around us, but are we tuning into our own frequency? Are we thinking about our inner-dialogue? Are we noticing the emotions and tensions we are holding in our body? It is time to fully invest in our present moment. Before we are anywhere else, we are here.

And Capricorn will hold you to this. If the environment you have created for yourself is inhospitable, they will remind you that it is time to wipe the slate clean. With this New Moon, cycles may be broken and rituals may be born. You can emerge from this lunation with a new narrative for yourself, but you must subject to Capricorn’s scholarly edits. Prepare for beloved bad habits to be redacted. Roots are bare, but they know you best.

So go back to them. Know that your shining moments were not just in your youth — although you may feel that way now. If you wish to rekindle a passion for a subject or a self-directed goal, this lunation will be the bridge to it. Capricorn sees the Self as a library, and they want it to expand. With their energy, spend some time searching this space. Count your knowledge, and consider its source. Shift away from complanciency, and welcome unsettlement. You will find that it offers you more opportunities to satiate your desire to learn and rebound. Remember, you need to be wrong first to prove yourself right.

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