What Do the Aspects in Astrology Mean?


Aspects — such as squares, trines, and sextiles — influence astrology quite a bit. When planets and cosmic bodies meet up at these degrees, and form these aspects, their energies are amplified.

Here’s a run down of aspects in astrology.

Aspects are made up of degrees. As the planets move along the astrological wheel, they may merge and meet with one another to form these collaborations. A conjunction occurs when two planets meet within the same segment, or house of the astrological wheel. An opposition occurs when two planets are directly opposite from one another — they are 180° apart. A trine occurs when two planets form a 120° angle, and a sextile occurs when two planet form a 60° angle. There are also minor aspects, such as the quintiles. A semi-quintile is formed when two planets are 36° apart, a quintile is formed when they are 72° apart, and a bi-quintile occurs when they are 144° apart. Each one of these aspects is a learning experience, as they present us with a new opportunity or challenge.

Conjunctions bring things together. They provide us with the insight we need to solidify plans and make decisions. Do you need to focus? Un/learn? Move on? A conjunction will make it clear. Sextiles and trines are particularly helpful, as they present us with opportunities for harmonious forward movement. Need a blessing? You won’t be disappointed, then. These are two of the most generous aspects.

Squares and oppositions present us with unconscious issues that must be brought to light. With a square aspect, we are called to take mental and/or physical action. They truly spare no one, as they may call us to act in uncomfortable areas. Oppositions show us how disruptful an imbalance can be. If we are not giving as much as we are taking (or vice versa), they will make it loudly known. Quintiles do this too, but they’re a little more polite in the process. They present us with the concepts of creation, order, rules, and categories. If you want to understand how to process and/or interact with something, look to the quintiles.

With this in mind, know that the meaning of an aspect is based largely on your own experience. Simply use this knowledge to guide your understanding.

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