Full Moon in Cancer | December 2020


This Full Moon in Cancer is warping timelines. Here, we are dropping into the now, however harsh it may be. Know that this is not the time to rush. If you try, you’ll sink like quicksand. You must see yourself for who you are, where you are. A veil has lifted — to understand, find the important symbols and messages.

Feel for them.

Our Full Moon in Cancer will occur on December 29, at approximately 10:28 PM (EST).

Full Moon in Cancer

In highly emotional times, practicality is everything. If you’ve recently been roped into a lie, scheme, or deceitful measure, reign in equally as hard. Your subconscious Self is activated by these events, and they will act out. Be your own psychic. If you foresee a burnout or outburst, dwindle its fuel. You must be your own best caretaker.

In fact, you must be the best. Know your language, and be willing to translate it to others. With Cancer, shadows wish to be illuminated. And they want to talk, talk, talk it out. If you are not able to transmute your emotions into words, find another way. Communicate — in whatever form it takes — to yourself in an honest way. After all, your body is a friend.

And you must care for it, as it is time to tune in. Sit with yourself in silence. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you know? Cancer prompts us to look inward, in the most empathetic way possible. Constructive criticism is the backbone of positive change. If you can rebuild and reroute your habitual mannerisms, you can rewrite your future. Under this Full Moon, know that ritual is in the moment. Manifest in your sleep, if need be.

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