Capricorn Season | 2020


The Sun has officially entered Capricorn, the tenth of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the sea-goat, they are a mastermind who will relentlessly disrupt your world. Who cares what the path to success entails! All they know is that they’re going where they want to go. Think, What are the good ways to be merciless? Capricorn can tell you.

But only if you’re ready to know.


December 22 — January 19

If you’ve been slacking on your self care, Capricorn will light a fire under you. Now, you must reclaim your time, and make it work for you. Stage a ridiculous morning routine that is entirely catered to your needs. Go for walks, spend time in nature, and ground. As a very much physical Earth sign, Capricorn will remind you that you cannot live in your own head. You must know your body, too.

With this sign, our inner control-freak may go wild. Find healthy ways to exercise control over your domain. Whether you create a new daily cleaning regime to follow, or feel the need to turn every book in your bookshelf backwards (beige pages are so soothing), now is the time to set your sights on something, and demolish it. Tie up loose ends, and free yourself from outer distractions. This Sun season may be one of the best to get to know yourself under.

With that in mind, take a step back and revisit any sore spots. Your weaknesses must be addressed. If you struggle to find motivation, return to manifestation. With our Sun in Capricorn, energy must be tangible. You need to visualize your desires, and then actualize them. Capricorn is, at times, overly logistical. But with balance, you may harness their literal energy to make your mystical side all the more powerful.

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