Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini | November 2020


This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is a reckoning. The trusted and the untrusted now change places, causing us to wonder how we ever told the difference. If not for their form, their size, and their color-coded language, could we truly tell friend from foe? Learn to speak in the same voice.

And don’t repeat yourself.

Our Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Gemini will occur on November 30, at approximately 9:29 PM (EST).

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Listening to subliminal messages isn’t for the weak. In fact, the phrase hard work doesn’t do it justice. You’ve got to empty and re-sort that mental filing cabinet of yours. What needs to burn? What needs to be planted? Throw it in a pile. One man’s trash is another man’s lesson learned. Some things just need to be let go of, for good.

So, why not now? Gemini truly doesn’t have a grain of salt to give. You can think what you want, and you can do what you want — they understand that your reaction is not their responsibility. Take notes. Perhaps it is time to be a little careless in this never-ending perception game. You can either be the narrator or the villain. Please Gemini, and keep things interesting.

And above all, please yourself with peace. It is time to end the drama, and all other energetic exchanges that hold you hostage. Let it burn. Watch the green grow over. Plant your seeds. The unconscious has risen, and the Moon has reached fullness only to give you this opportunity. Do not waste it. With Gemini, we must aspire for more.

Make the choice, and believe.

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