Sagittarius Season | 2020


The Sun has entered Sagittarius, the ninth of the twelve zodiacs. Seen as the archer, they always have their sights set somewhere. With them, our pursuits will take centerstage. Remember that there is a difference between being goal oriented and goal obsessed. Getting a run for your money isn’t always a fair game. Sometimes, it’s a distraction.

Don’t try to prove yourself.


November 21 — December 22

Chaos is natural. In fact, it’s warranted in times like these. Don’t try to make yourself a Phoenix, though. Setting a fire just to rise from its ashes is too exhibitionist for Sagittarius’ liking. And arson is predictable, anyway. Think inside of the box before you jump out and destroy it. It could just be that this moment isn’t friendly to your perspective.

And maybe, you need a new one. Set-in-stone beliefs about yourself are the number-one leading cause of crisis. In the pursuit of leveling the playing field, you’ve removed every opportunity to think critically. It’s not the obstacle — it’s you overthinking its ability to mess with you. If need be, talk to yourself how you’d talk to someone who can’t see 6-feet in front of them.

If you can do all this, you can master getting out of your own way. And then you’ll master seeing that not much was there to begin with. Sagittarius is fond of tidal wave results — one triumph always leads to another. Let things snowball, if you have to. Let things go. If you can’t see it, it might be because you’re already on top of it.

Have a little faith.

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