All About Eclipse Season


Alike Mercury in retrograde, eclipses have a bad rep for being a mystical no-no. These events supposedly limit us more than they liberate us. As a personal fan of Mercury in retrograde, I say that this fear is misplaced. Eclipses, too, are energetic rebirths. They provoke us to make radical change, and think critically.

Like a cosmic The Tower card, eclipses summon the unveiling and the demystification of the truth.

When the Moon and a fellow celestial body cross paths, an eclipse occurs. And every eclipse season, a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse take place. During a solar eclipse, the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon as it crosses paths with, and obstructs, the Sun. And during a lunar eclipse, the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, blocking the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon’s surface. Obviously, a solar eclipse may only occur during the day, and a lunar eclipse may only occur at night. These events may also only occur when these three cosmic bodies — the Earth, Moon, and Sun — are aligned.

We are currently in the midst of an eclipse season — the approximate 30-day period before, during, and after the lunar and solar eclipses occur. What occurs in the time between one eclipse season and the next is quite important, as eclipses only occur two to four times per year — five to six months can pass between eclipse seasons. Moreover, eclipses are remarked to be both revivals and forms of closure for the past. Therefore, it’s a good time to tie up loose ends. And, if you feel magically inclined, eclipses are also wonderful lunations to clear old energy under.

While it may be brought up, remember that the past is the past for a reason. If nothing else, eclipses prompt shadow work. You must know how to love yourself, even in lack — eclipses will remind you of that.

Think of these events as physical, cosmic manifestations of the unconscious coming to light. In astrology and the tarot, the Moon represents the unconscious — who we are and how we operate. On the other hand, the Sun represents the conscious — who we try to be, and why we believe we do the things we do. So, when these bodies obstruct one another, there will be an energetic impact. Like a cosmic The Tower card, eclipses summon the unveiling and the demystification of the truth.

When the Moon is shadowed in a lunar eclipse, the unconscious self becomes more apparent. Leading up to a lunar eclipse, our intuition may be stronger, and the authentic self will come to light. Likewise, leading up to a solar eclipse, we will become acquainted with darkness, and we can tap into its energy. Together, these events are reminders of duality, and the power it holds. Use this energy to implement needed change into your life. Do not fear it.

Our upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Gemini will occur on November 30, at approximately 9:29 AM (EST).



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Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

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