New Moon in Scorpio | November 2020


This New Moon in Scorpio is a still-point. Imagine a world in which you did not try to change. Could you stand always being the same? No — no one could. Your compulsion to be different is hidden within the bedrock of your psyche. You’ve dug it up and reburied it so many times. Will you ever let it see the light of day?

It’s time again.

Our New Moon in Scorpio will occur on November 15, at approximately 12:07 AM (EST).

New Moon in Scorpio

There is so much to process within one fleeting moment. What do you see, and how will it make you a more experienced person? How will it make you react to the next moment time escapes you, and everyone else? Know that you can be your own pseudonym. Change most often occurs impulsively, and under daylight.

The shell you call home has hardened — it is now a fortress of your own design. You’ve strengthened yourself, made hard choices, and now, you are left to wonder if it was for the better. Well, the better is not instantaneous, but the past is the past for a reason. Growing up is painful, but it doesn’t have to be excruciating. When was the last time you jumped for joy, and didn’t care about landing softly? Your bones are old enough to take some pressure.

To every extent of the word, Scorpio is a shapeshifter that never changes face. Your clockwork will keep on ticking for as long as you are alive. Make music to it. For every eight major changes you make, one crucial thing will remain still. Perhaps it will be your loving attributes. Under this New Moon, don’t try to change. But watch what does.

What will you see?

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