Full Moon in Taurus | October 2020


This Full Moon in Taurus is a revelation. Know that you cannot have something’s complete good without having its entire bad. You could label any part, and still have it be the same. And it is time to change the way you look at a handshake. Do you really think it is the start of a relationship, or is it the start of a rapport that could fully end you?

There are only two ways to give here.

Our Full Moon in Taurus will occur on October 31, at approximately 10:49 AM (EST).

Full Moon in Taurus

There is the state of emergence, and then there is the state of the fool. Now, you get to decide which box you want to stand within. Who cares who falls? Who cares who sees? You only get one chance to breathe the way you are now. So, take it all in. It’s not stealing if you saw it first.

You may feel as if there is a barrier between you and what you’d like to receive. It is bogging you down, and keeping you from rising above. Know that this feeling has a name, and it is hyperactive imagination. Now more than ever, we may have false obstacles obstructing our paths. Take this as a lesson. The world needs barriers. You need barriers. But you should not falsify them. If it is not there, walk through it. Do not mentally sabotage yourself.

And Taurus would know, as they are well acquainted with perception, and being perceived. What you see is not what you know, and what you know most likely has never been what you’ve seen. There is a difference everywhere you look — definitions are not well suited right now. So, don’t think that your current circumstances are ride or dies. There is a very good chance that everything may change, again and again and again. If nothing else, you’ve got to match that unrelenting persistence. It is more needed than you think.

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