Scorpio Season | 2020


Enter: Scorpio, the eighth of the twelve zodiacs. Seen as the scorpion, they are a creature who works to decode the unspoken. While smoke and mirrors may follow them closely, they seek truth and clarity like it is a medicinal flower. Apocalypse or not, everything Scorpio is a matter of satiating a need. And if you want to remain validated in this pursuit, don’t try to fit this regimen into any definition other than your own.

This is your trip.


October 22 — November 21

To each their own, and the rest to whoever will take it. Scorpio is not one to shy away from rummaging through the discards to find a new national treasure. Don’t let their chilly exterior fool you — they may alchemize the air, if so inclined. A smile can be hidden, but it’s still there. After all, the hidden is everywhere, when you know where to look.

For an answer, look no further than to your own corners. If there is dust, there has been a development. Under this Sun, you may find your mind wandering back to the rooms you left so long ago. What made you run away? The shadows are an invitation to go deeper, not to fear. What was unseen by you before will become vivid. Keep sunglasses near.

A commitment may be on the horizon. Perhaps you are entering adulthood or a state of living that was not within your means before. You may find that it is time to put your old way of living to rest. You have refined, and sought to see things through. Well, this is its end. If you are able to respect the end of this cycle, a new leaf may turn. However short or radical, this change will satiate your soul. Enter it wholeheartedly.

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