New Moon in Libra | October 2020


This New Moon in Libra is a moment of reflection. Under this lunation, we will be called to revisit the hallways of our past decisions, and recount the doors left unopen. Know that it doesn’t matter if a space echoes or not — it still holds sound. And someone is listening.

Is it you now, or you again?

Our New Moon in Libra will occur on October 16, at approximately 3:30 PM (EST).

New Moon in Libra

Sometimes old lessons arise because we didn’t pay enough attention to them the first time. Libra will needlessly go back through, time and time again, to return to the same issue. This time, though, may actually be a necessary. Know that rushing isn’t cathartic, and distracting yourself isn’t admirable. Think, Am I working through this, or am I working through it? Going through the motions means nothing. This time, let it reach your heart and head.

Your tendency to overcompensate, and overwork, has led to a lack mindset. You may feel as if there is no safer option than to be where you are now. At the very least, know that you’re not running in circles here — you are running in place. It’s time to level up to moving ground.

Trust yourself enough to fail.

Imagine if you could set out for any destination. Where would it be? Weigh the pros and cons of making this change. Your disposition to be chronically kind (AKA, people please) is an insult to your integrity. Do at least one thing, one thing, for no reason at all. When you’re this self aware, you don’t have to worry about going power crazed. After all, you’ve already thought it out.

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