Mercury Retrograde | October 2020


Pay attention to what you’ve foreshadowed — this retrograde period will disrupt all false peace. Mercury, paired with Scorpio and Libra, will instigate harsh — but needed — realizations. Don’t be surprised by how much you’ll be willing to leave behind. Freedom like this is hard to let slide.

Mercury. Image via NASA.

After an eventful pre-shadow, Mercury stationed retrograde in Scorpio on October 13. On October 27, Mercury will transit to Libra. Mercury will then station direct in Libra on November 3, and enter its post-shadow phase.

How timely.

Mercury Retrograde

With Scorpio, this retrograde offers a different degree of insight. While it may be tinged with snide, and a less than healthy dose of spite, you can tame it. At times, it is necessary to bear witness to this energy. Mercury activates and brings your subconscious to the forefront. Know that if you beat around the bush long enough, you’ll eventually hit root. Take out the middleman. Look the issue in the eye, and call it an issue.

And you may have to do this more than once. While boundaries are an all-around necessity, now is the time to be preemptive. Establish a barrier between yourself and what attempts to bind you, control you, and dismiss you — before it is needed. Eliminate the need for a reaction. Your stream of thought is a resource that cannot be wasted.

Libra will also encourage us to be proactive. They allow us to see how disruption and chaos share the same ability to be productive. And if you are resistant to change, you may need these towers to push you forward. Make a calculated and thoughtful move to better yourself. While it may be a good idea to step out of the public eye, Mercury encourages us to take a long look at ourselves. You cannot change until you allow yourself to. Use this time to deconstruct and rebuild.

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