Full Moon in Aries | October 2020


This Full Moon in Aries is a resurgence. It is an indicator of your energetic levels, and where they lie. Know that it is time for you to nurture them to fullness, and then some. Your mind, your body, and your time is all a resource. With Aries as our leader, it is necessary that we care for ourselves, radically.

Seize a moment for yourself.

Then, the rest.

Our Full Moon in Aries will occur on October 1, at approximately 5:05 PM (EST).

Full Moon in Aries

As a multifaceted person, you have many ways of presenting yourself in the world. Think of this lunation as an opportunity to rewire your Self — the unconscious, the conscious, and the concept. At times, you may feel lost in these layers. You may want to restart completely. Trace the origin of this feeling back to its source. What is their flavor? What is their face?

Where will it lead you?

You must stop making impulsive changes to feel in control. Instead, you must start changing the systems of power around you that make you feel like you must alter yourself to share it. Unfair power dynamics are not lost upon Aries, as they know what it is to uphold and fight them. Learn from your experience. It is one thing to go there, but it is another to repeatedly go back.

Decide whether to return or be free.

For a method, you may revert to the center of your own passion and community. What is it that brings a smile to your eye? This is how you find your way — not to a hiding place, but to a home. Aries has given you a flame to tend to, one that will take nothing but what comes from your most honest form. Do not be surprised if you find yourself stumbling towards your manifestations, with new ideas in tow. The future has always been watching you, even before this now. Send it a message for your forward Self. Looking back, you will be grateful.

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