Libra Season | 2020

Welcome to Libra season!

Libra is the seventh of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the scales, they are rooted in fairness. But more so, the concepts of it. Ask yourself, When do words become pictures? When do pictures become words? The way you describe the world allows others to peer into your soul. Stop saying you hate everything when really, you just love it all.

You’re translucent, this way.


September 22 – October 22

The patterns in your life have risen from beneath the ground to ask you a series of questions. If not for this love, who would you be? If not for your lies and your motives, who would you be? A walking, physical experience. You’re simpler than you’d like to admit, but this is for the better. Complication is a result of outer imposition.

You are your own to possess.

And, like a ghost, you will. You will wake up in your body, and you will feel called to experience each sense, as if it were for the first time in centuries. Know that Libra will thoroughly entertain each and every thought before setting it free. If you’ve never danced with a demon, know that you’ll swing from there, to an angel. If nothing else, it counts as balance — but only of two extremes.

This weight is too heavy to have.

You cannot continue to hold yourself within this state of unknowingness. Here, accountability is the only exit. You must saunter out, and provide answers for all the inexplainable things that you do. Your reasoning needn’t be perfect, only true. Remember this, as it may veer to obscurity. Why hide between the lines again?

You know them by heart.

Know that there is no way to bring the obsolete back into style. You do not need the clutter of the past ruin in your life out there, for everyone to see. You have exhausted all of your resources by attempting to keep it there. And, in the process, you have run from the best parts of yourself. This place is a worthy investment. If only you could say the words, and it’d be all yours.

So, stutter.

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