New Moon in Virgo | September 2020

Happy New Moon!

This month’s New Moon in Virgo is a question. How do you look at a singular object from multiple angles, while still facing all? The secret is, you can’t. It’s a mirror of you just as much as it is an expression of itself. One doesn’t know all, and multiply aren’t guaranteed to know, either.

Only you do.

Our New Moon in Virgo will occur on September 17, at approximately 7:00 AM (EST).

New Moon in Virgo

You’re breathing life into something you don’t even know the shape of yet, so stop trying to peer around corners to catch a glimpse. Creation is a slow-paced creature within a constantly racing world. Secretly, it’s just as confused to be here as you are. Virgo will teach you how to harness this discomfort, and work it.

We’re always at our best before we realize it.

There is a new pulse rising within you. You’ve fallen back into a curious, developmental state. Here, something (or someone) is egging at your Spirit to pull through, so give yourself the time you need to bring it to fruition. No one is the same anymore, and no one should be. It is time to rebirth your sense of Self.

And Virgo would know — they are the martyr of trail and tribulation. You may find them within a realm of their own design, wondering how to make it better. The perfect abode. It’s a dreamland, but it’s not a place to stay for long. If you want an outcome, you must do the work. And if you do the work, you must allow yourself to rest so that you can enjoy it. Such a double-edged sword, but it’s not uncommon with Virgo. It’s almost like caring for yourself is furiously easy.

Look to the obvious, and then double-check it.

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