Full Moon in Pisces | September 2020

Happy Full Moon!

This month’s Full Moon in Pisces serves as a reminder of your developing nature. It is time for the temporary and short-term to fall away. Behind the scenes, a bigger picture has been brewing. You are up to the task of unveiling it.

Let it all fall away.

Our Full Moon in Pisces will occur on September 2, at approximately 5:21 AM (EST).

Full Moon in Pisces

Under this Full Moon, we are being called to absorb and expand. What is keeping you from running towards your dreams at full force? Now, logic is a given. But it’s time to allow your imagination to run rampant. If you’d like to conquer, combine it with your hopeless romanticism. Your love for absolution and certainty can be redirected.


In one corner of your life, you are doing something very right. But in another, you are holding off, and that effect is spilling over everywhere. It won’t take a magnifying glass to solve this problem, as Pisces promotes self-recognition and analyzation. Your weaknesses aren’t as big of secrets as you’d like to think they are. Slowly but surely, you’re learning to demystify yourself. Perhaps you should invest more in this process.

Do not rush.

You’re being called to recover all of the lost parts of yourself. To do so, you must dive deep into solitude, and try not to draw a straight line out. There will not be one — only a door you may open to let others in. You’ve gotten this far with a bleeding heart. You can keep going at this rate, but just know that you don’t need to keep spilling your guts. Dramatic displays of emotional availability will not serve you any longer. The occasional withdrawal of your energy is an adult responsibility. You’ve got to get used to doing it at some point.

Make the transition.

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