Virgo Season | 2020

Welcome to Virgo season!

Virgo is the sixth of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the maiden, they are a wise and distinguishable creature. Their blunt-force nature sets them apart from the rest, and rightfully so. It takes guts to be this sincere, and it’s even harder to hide it.

Who is the looking glass?


August 22 — September 22

There is more than one way to put a puzzle together. In fact, there are hundreds. Thinking of all of those possibilities could eat you alive, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s time for your inner problem-solver to act out. Eventually, you’re going to have to admit that not every problem was made for you to solve. When things grow quiet, who do you turn to?

Where are they now?

It comes as no surprise that existentialism is a sign of burnout. If you’re thinking too much, it could be because you don’t have time to daydream. You were put on this Earth to live. Perhaps caring for a plant will remind you of this.

It’s sane to be simple.

Your energetic reservoir is running dry. On a spiritual, emotional, or physical level, you are drained. Here, Virgo acts as a dictator, and they say, No more. You’re always going to regret something. So, take a risk. Never regret not standing up for yourself.

Step forward.

Pull up a seat, and state your claims and boundaries. Design an enriching plan, and don’t be afraid to think long term. The path is being cleared for you — you are finding a place to give your energy that aligns with your soul. You’ll have to fight for it, yes, but the place is yours. It won’t be clean-cut. It won’t be in order. But it has always been yours.

Say it loudly to yourself.

Then, everyone else.

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