New Moon in Leo | August 2020

Happy New Moon!

This month’s New Moon in Leo is a matchstick — overflowing with potential, but ruled by impulse. Here, our instincts are clear as day. Watch it catch fire, and then reverse. There are more ways to do this than you think.

Calculate your strikes.

Our New Moon in Leo will occur on August 18, at approximately 10:41 PM (EST).

New Moon in Leo

There are times when we think of strength as a purely physical force. But it is a spiritual dividend, too. Under this New Moon, we will come to understand its full spectrum. Resilience is just as much a matter of the mind as it is a matter of the body. Have you lacked a moment to think your actions through? It is time for these thoughts to wander forth.

You may be blinded for a moment.

Leo craves moments of refined stillness. They act as empty canvases that they may fill with spirit. Leo wants to step into the light at just the right time, in just the right way, in just the right shape. They know: perception is a magnificent force. Seek and witness these moments of your own. How do they define you? Within them, who do you morph and conform yourself to be? You have been stretching for such a long time.

Will breathing break you?

Do yourself a favor, and measure your odds before you minimize them. There is a time and a place for ungodly confidence, but to make it a constant, you must own your worst assets. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, restart. Before you set the path ablaze, you must be able to stare at it in the dark. We can see something we know and love and still be confused by it. Fear is fueled by a lack of understanding. Learn to be comfortable not knowing, before you know too much.

Recognize what is enough.

Yet again, all the discomfort and focus has been cast upon you. Leo asks you to decode what chaos pours from you, and what pools from elsewhere. The solution to every problem begins with knowing how to constructively blame yourself. Leo wholeheartedly wants you to do this. You’re the ringleader, and regardless of the madness, it’s still all yours. You’ve done it again, so keep getting it done. There’s a newness awaiting.


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