Leo Season | 2020

Welcome to Leo Season!

Leo is the fifth of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the lion, they possess the grace and strength that could fool anyone into thinking they have it all. And truthfully, they do. A little constructive manipulation never hurt anyone. It allows us to experience all the different sensations of life, from one point of view.

Be mindful of your influences.


July 22 — August 21

It’s a blessing to be seen, but not spoken for. Leo knows this very well. They are distinguished and impactful, but never forceful. With an aura like sleep, you know them as no other, and you can never fight their wave. It’s time to go under, and not think about coming up.

You’ve come too far for doubt.

Refine your influences, and your impulse to conform will diminish. This playful period has its own fruits to bear, but everyone must play their part to receive. Study the ways that others react to you, and vice versa. Leo is a social creature, who desires all encompassing relationships. But they must be their own. Learn how to function as your own vessel amongst a network of interacting gears. After all, if you aren’t sure which way to spin, everyone else will feel it.

Speak — and act — for yourself.

Now is the time to speak up, and not stop. If you are a well, become fond of the idea of being empty. For one, you won’t be — it’s impossible to be empty. In order to be human, you must allow yourself to spill over, but keep going anyway. A continuous string of analytical thinking is harmful when not balanced with hope. You are meant to be known for the full spectrum being you are. So let it fall down.

Your energy is fluid.

Find a space between all of your extremes. You will experience a stillness there, unlike any other. That is what it feels like to know yourself — to be at peace. Remember that Leo is not all flash. They are simply the embodiment of the confident entity we all harbor inside. And they will not shy away from expressing their full beauty. They tell us that it is time to bring what is inward, out. Show yourself for what you truly are.

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