Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn | July 2020

Happy Full Moon!

This month’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will serve as a reminder that continuous comfort is an unnatural experience — and a doomed one, at that. Capricorn has never been fond of the unchanging or the purposeless. They want to see expansion, growth, and progress by any means necessary. Prepare to have some unfavorable reminders handed to you.

They are hard-luck blessings.

Our Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will occur on July 5, at approximately 12:44 AM (EST).

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Experiencing temporary pain is a necessary step in the greater search for freedom. Keep this in mind, as this event will bring many displeasing situations to a head. You can’t expect immediate satisfaction from them — only a conclusion. And then another. And another.

Take a moment to consider which is worth believing.

Capricorn knows the ins and outs of the mental scape, and they work endlessly to decipher its language of stuckness. A conjunctive Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in this sign will demand all hidden stalemates to drop the act. You will be offered choice upon choice, but you will still have to choose. You know what you must do, so what is stopping you from it?

Your reason for staying may be flawed.

Sometimes, our intuition speaks too loudly for our liking, and it couldn’t be worse than to be right. Wade in this irony. What makes it difficult for you to accept undeniable truths? When first discovering them, what holds you back from them? You cannot grow where you are hindered, and you can’t think freely there, either. Moving forward, you must block out all negative influences.

Move forward, unapologetically.

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