New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer | June 2020

Happy New Moon!

This month’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer is a rocky start, but a start nonetheless. Two heads possess potential, but they aren’t necessarily better than one. Stay flexible. If you can’t share openly, share secretly.

What is seen is subjective.

Our New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer will occur on June 21, at approximately 2:02 AM (EST).

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Together, the Moon and Sun will function as a sword and shield. In this light, you are well-equipped, but you must decide how to use these tools. Ask yourself, What are the biggest rights and wrongs that can be made? — then find the space between. Know that this happening is just one of the many keys to success. There are more doors to be opened, but this one may be the trickiest.

Keep an eye open for unfounded solutions.

It is time to realize that there may be no one waiting for a final word but you. So, provide your own. Just be sure to analyze all available information before forming a conclusion. It is more than justifiable to act as a witness — and solely that. You are not abided to be a ruler, or a peacekeeper, even if it is your calling.

In fact, it is now your turn to stand by and watch the chaos unfold. Every playing field can be leveled, if you can withhold from giving your all to less-deserving matches. Cancer possesses bullet-like precision, with emotional education just waiting to be misdirected. Do not allow the past to turn on you, and do not allow it to repeat. Remember that a renewal is earned, not bought. The light that is being shed may seem harsh, but perhaps it is just the reflection of impending deceit.

Protect your energy.

With influences like this, it is warranted to feel energetically challenged. Know that rebirth is a universal principal, and you are at no exception. Cancer is a natural-born empath, and this grants them the ability to be radically indifferent to what denies peace. During this time, listen to what your mind and body accept and reject. In every interaction, there is more than one language spoken. Ponder which is most true to you.

Decipher your truth.

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