Mercury Retrograde | June 2020

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde!

The second Mercury retrograde of the decade has arrived, neatly packaged and ready to unfold. After it’s February preface in Pisces and Aquarius, we will now be traveling with Cancer, an intelligent Water sign.

Even at a standstill, water flows.

Mercury. Image via NASA.

The retrograde will begin on June 18, and end on July 12.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

How did we end up here? is such a futile question. There will never be a pleasing answer, regardless of your passion for it. So don’t ask. Mirages and illusions of depth are common with Cancer, as you’ll quickly discover that many of their valleys are simply sinkholes waiting to happen. And the communicative nature of Mercury only amplifies this. Where there’s a will, there’s a worry to thwart it, and deceit to engulf you. If you find yourself circling the drain, instead, ask yourself, What may we accomplish here?

There are more possibilities than you believe.

As our stand-in saving grace, Cancer knows just the right thing to say. But much to our surprise, these right things are infrequently grand. In the grander scheme, they even amount to nothing at all. That being said, know when to leave an open space. Mercury may like to play mind-games, but there is no purpose for them here. If you don’t want to be shut out of your own dreams, ensure that your silence is as intentional as your speech.

Simplicity is a savior.

There are many great truths to be uncovered during this retrograde period, and they will be unveiled in layers. How do you imagine falling forward? Will there be a reflective surface layer? An encompassing center? A soft ground to land on? Think about this imagery, and what draws you to it. Is it comfort, or is it yearning?

What are you trying to be?

The true purpose of this retrograde is hidden within the framework of your own thoughts. So, rewire yourself. What version of yourself have you come to live in the shadow of? Know that there will never be a perfect world for you to be yourself in — you must forge your own way. If you have come to believe that If only for a day is a valid timeline to subscribe to, then that day is now and forever. Your shadow is gone, and the sun is now cast upon you.

Who do you see staring back at you?

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