Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius | June 2020

Happy Full Moon!

This month’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is facilitating a radical shift. What you have come to know as the truth in this present moment is subject to upheaval. Why must you cling to doubt? There is no one holding you to it but yourself.

Be a forward thinker.

Our Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will occur on June 5, at approximately 3:21 PM (EST).

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

For every force in this world, there is one to counteract it. We are caught in a constant state of push or pull, freedom or co-dependence. It takes quite the eagle-eye to sort out a solution to this entanglement. But under this Full Moon, you will share this ability. Despite the resistance, now is the time. Set it into motion.

Get moving.

Sagittarius is anything but short-term. They are here to see the end — for better, or for worse. But this is not to say that they will stay in one place for long. Sagittarius is infamous for their flighty, always on the go spirit. But do not confuse this with a fear of commitment. They are very committed, but only to their long-term vision with its long-term rewards. To them, the stops along the way are simply lessons to be learned. They are receptive by nature, but only to messages they believe will serve them in this future. Be warned — doubt is not the truth. And neither is arrogance. Every long-term is made up of smaller short-terms.

Utilize your perspective.

This lunar eclipse is tearing away the covers from our shadows. Here, there is nowhere left to hide. The energy that has been brewing for the past six months has reached its boiling point. Now, it is spilling over. During this time, you must revitalize your sense of everything. What’s keeping you going? Truthfully, our motives are our real everything. Make sure yours are stable.

In this tiltawhirl of change, do not abandon your dreams. Rather, reshape them. At one point, the future you desired was this present moment. And this string of wishful thinking dates back to the moment you began manifesting your reality. Be assured that everything acts as a catalyst. When you make your thoughts think for you, great things happen. You may be the one to get the ball rolling, but it is not all on you. The weight of the world is gone now. It is simply your own.

Relish in it.

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