New Moon in Gemini |May 2020

Happy New Moon!

This month’s New Moon in Gemini is a reminder of your integrity. There is no reason to keep weighing yourself down with doubt. If you wish to produce an outcome, consider manifesting it. Afterwards, leave an offering — or perhaps two. The best and the worst will arrive in pairs, and they’ll leave as such too.

Keep an open mind.

Our New Moon in Gemini will occur on May 22, at approximately 1:38 PM (EST).

New Moon in Gemini

In the act, Gemini is a spirited endeavour. They do not require anyone’s magic but their own to pull off a trick. By their side, even the most mundane tasks become ritual. If you’re searching for a meaning, Gemini will offer you many. Now is the time to take what is coming.

Accept it.

Rethink the meaning of interference. After all, a door does not become a mediator until someone arrives to knock on it. Keep this in mind, as opportunities for communication will arise. Know that even then, there will be silence. If this inclines you to feel exposed, don’t go running for cover. Allow this empty space to have a light shone upon it.

What is mirroring you?

The mechanisms you have utilized in the past to protect yourself are no longer of service to you. In fact, their effectiveness may have taken a turn for the worst. These backfires will continue to ensue until you allow them to renew. It is time to be unashamed in your pursuits. Know that for most, power is an experience, not a state of being. If you find that you are becoming who you thought was a fool, you are also on your way to becoming a better lover.

Freedom revolves around truth.

Under this New Moon, choose to remain aware, and refrain from your own defeating behaviors. Gemini may not be afraid to indulge in mind games, but you must know that this will only result in further hardship. Be honest with yourself, and leave the past to its dwellers — the present and future are yours. But, if you must, prove a point by acting as if there are none to be made. If nothing else, it will be entertaining to watch.

Remember to have fun.

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