Full Moon in Scorpio | May 2020

Happy Full Moon!

This month’s Full Moon in Scorpio is but only the beginning. It carries an intangible sensation of closeness. So close, yet so far. This is the type of energy that makes immortals mortal, and mortals immortal. You can run, but you can’t hide from it. Know that satiety is a state of mind.

Our Full Moon in Scorpio will occur on May 7, at approximately 6:45 AM (EST).

Full Moon in Scorpio

In a small, listless world, you may feel entitled to gregosious emotional pursuits. You may love others as you would a favorite pair of jeans — tired, true, and falling to pieces. This tactic only creates beautiful messes, nothing longterm. Its privy to seasonal recalibration. Consider now the season to be genuine.

Say what you mean.

As you may have guessed, this Full Moon has a bone to pick. It wants you to strip yourself down to the narrow, and start from scratch. Your aging defense mechanisms will get you nowhere. False battles with the self will only drive away the safety of others that you crave so deeply. If you are looking for an out, know that you have created this maze. A listening ear and heartfelt apology will go a long way.

Under this Full Moon, find a heartbeat. Then, find another. These are the sounds of home. It is time to indulge in the simple pleasures. To add some spice, these are the pleasures that betray a ravaging ego. With no expectations, no circumstances, and no earning to fuel it, the beast will starve. Say no to them all, and yes to everything that feels true. The path of least resistance, and love, is your out.

Follow it through.

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