Taurus Season | 2020

Welcome to Taurus season!

Taurus is the second of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the bull, they are strong-willed, physic creatures. The mental strength they have at hand allows them to endure all that life throws their way. In a waiting game, they are bound to leave triumphant.

Make patience your currency.


April 20 – May 20

In practice, Taurus is an extravagant fellow. They are famed to share their bounty of emotional and material wealth with others. To them, concepts of restraint are meant to be devised. Why withhold?

Right now, the waters of affection — and our portrayals of it — are being tested. Before you act, reflect. To be the giver is to simply be a different type of receiver. Allow yourself to be both.

Trust the time you spend experimenting.

In every part of the world, there is a still-point. For some, this is a person. For others, it is a place. Close your eyes, and think of comfort. What comes to mind?

This is your still-point.

Taurus is the bearer and the protector of this emotion. They divulge its complexity for the sake of our sanity. When at a loss, know that many things fall apart just to fall back together again. Do not attempt to sway its course. The patience this requires holds the capacity to be excruciating, but the outcome is already known. Let it be presented in time.

Hold space for trust.

Do not abandon ship; the shore is near. Allow yourself to receive the gifts that are waiting. You have worked endlessly to generate this. The time to act is now — whether that action be in the form of stillness or reparation.

Hold on.

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