Full Moon in Libra | April 2020

Happy Full Moon!

This month’s Full Moon in Libra is bringing light to the balances — and imbalances — in our lives. Our concepts of being owed to, or owing someone else, are under microscope. If keeping score, double-check your math. Someone is bound to be cut short.

Redefine reciprocation.

Our Full Moon in Libra will occur on April 7, at approximately 10:34 PM (EST).

Full Moon in Libra

This is a turning point.

The elemental attributes of Libra — an air sign — incline us to make radical decisions. These may be to move on, surrender, or endure. In these decisions, we must face all factors, even the ones that are hard to own up to. We have to admit, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. This is not a state to linger in. We must move swiftly, and act accordingly.

Do not become a casualty to stubbornness.

Reciprocal in nature, Libra seeks to find balance. This balance, though, may manifest as that of being on a tightrope. It is surely not comfortable, but it can comply with the definition of balance, right? Maybe so. But perhaps it is time to settle down. The allure of chaos is strong, but when in its grasp, we quickly lose traction. Our fire diminishes as soon as we realize, This is not the place for me. Libra — who is also inclined to be a moth to the flame — is the divine comfort within this feeling of displacement. Sometimes, the best realization you can have is that it doesn’t all revolve around you. You can take a step back without the sky falling. And, if it crashes down anyway, know that you saved yourself by stepping to the side.

Lean back, and observe.

Under this Full Moon, find a way to return to your most honest sense of self. When not chasing empty pleasures, what makes your heart soar? Libra likes to multitask, so seek diverse practices and rituals. If they come to bore you, go deeper. We do not need intensity, but rather, consistency. Spoil yourself with a healthy dose of predictability. If you’d like to see a new vase of flowers each week, find the means to achieve them. Perhaps even gift them to yourself. After all, this is the deepest relationship you have.

How do you intend to endure?

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