New Moon in Aries | March 2020

Happy New Moon!

This month’s New Moon in Aries provides us with the push we need. The obstacles ahead are just as complex as we are, but success is within our reach. Right now, knowing just the right thing to say is important. But so is knowing when to stand down, too.

Learn to act without motion.

Our New Moon in Aries will occur on March 24, at approximately 5:28 AM (EST).

New Moon in Aries

Aries is not the type to sit still and wonder. They are born again in each present moment, all the while making it their own. Action is their chosen medium, and change is what inspires them. Their ability to become just the pinch of something their environment needs is mind boggling. Truly, the work of Aries is never done. This is the energy that motivates the collective. Without their push, we would all remain still.


Be the initiate, and take the plunge. After all, this is just a trust fall — the net will appear. Uncertainty is natural in times of growth. So, while the world around you is continuously shifting gears, have faith. And take notes. Learn from the mistakes of yourself and others. Know that this is not meant to be a repeat of the past, but a creation of a whole new future. What will you bring? What have you already been offering?

You’ve done more good than you know.

With uncertainty in mind, now is just the time to rethink what is optimal. Where do your standards begin to fall short? Chances are, it is just these ideas that keep you from reaching your optimal peace. How often do you tell yourself, “After I do this, I can …,” and deny yourself relief? What is it that you frequently bargain with? By continuously living in the after of every action, we are keeping ourselves from the peace and satisfaction that action brings.

Ground yourself. Be with the present.

Aries is far from perfect. Change is messy, and motives can easily become skewed. But, what is life without obstruction? Ups and downs? Awkwardness? Distance? You cannot experience something fully without knowing its whole spectrum. A situation that is anything less than positive is not depriving you of life — it is simply giving you an opportunity to experience it differently. Find comfort in the fact that this is not the calm before the storm. In fact, there is no storm coming at all. This is an awakening, and it can only be felt in this present moment.

Drop in.

After all, there is truly no where else but now.

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