Aries Season | 2020

Welcome to the astrological New Year!

Aries is the first of the twelve zodiacs. Depicted as the child, they utilize curiosity and relentless action to achieve their dreams. No obstacle is immune to their stubbornness and charm. They will push through, no matter the cost.

The cost, however, should be advised.


March 20 – April 19

Aries is an omen. You can’t ignore them, you can’t mistake them, and you most certainly can’t forget them. Everything involving them is potent: emotions, wants, needs, you name it! But don’t mistake this grandness for reliance. They can easily give it all to themselves.

Learn to rely on yourself.

Now is not the time to squander your energy on those who aren’t engaged. Aries calls us to be independent, and in the process of doing so, we must take back our time. There are many things worth investing in, but what is not requited has no place on your list. Focus your energy on what you, and the collective world, needs. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what to do. Chances are, you already know.

In times of uncertainty, make a vow to yourself to do whatever you want. While these illusions of constraint may be swarming you, opportunities for freedom are abound. Think, how can you be unbothered? How can you take control? Even though there is a lot outside of our mindset’s control, our mindset still controls a lot. In the true spirit of Aries, make everything your choice. If you stumble upon a chance to help, take it. And make sure you realize how momentous this action is.

While it’s important to be transparent, do not become a tyrant. Every action has a ripple effect, and it’s important to account for it. Do your best to think before you speak — and all the other ways you express yourself. Impulse will be running high, but that doesn’t mean you have to be trampled by it. Remain defiant towards what denies you peace. Resist, but do not resist the betterment of yourself. Aries, at times, can be ruthless. Blunt. Harsh. They are inclined to be a terror. So, make thoughtfulness your terror. Then, act on it.

Do so with precision and trust.

Utilize your energy to work in the favor of yourself, and the collective good. Say No to what your gut tells you is wrong. Say Yes to what will protect you, and propagate peace. Stay home (when you can), wash your hands, and if you need to, argue with yourself in the mirror. Aries season is a gift to everyone in need of a push. We are all born with the potential to ensue radical change. The only way to activate this is through action.

Interested in learning more about how Aries season will affect you? Consult me for a reading here!

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