Full Moon in Virgo | March 2020

Happy Full Moon!

This month’s Full Moon in Virgo is challenging our emotional programming with new knowledge and experiences. Do not be deceived, though. This new knowledge is older than you. If you have ever felt as if something was following you in the shadows, this is it.

Be wise.

Know all strings attached before you tie the knot.

Our Full Moon in Virgo will occur on March 9, at approximately 1:47 PM (EST).

Full Moon in Virgo

At their best, Virgo is a wise and calming soul. Tied to the Earth, their labor is heavy, but fruitful. What is meticulous to others is miraculous to them, making their work all the more rewarding. The energy they possess for building a home is endless. Under this Full Moon, we will be called to make this home safe.

Envision an empty room — a blank canvas is Virgo’s domaine. Upon their entrance, the room falls still. Waiting, wondering, what their next move will be. Virgo, amazing all, does nothing but think about the last time they were in this room. Yes, they have been here before.

How has it changed? How is it the same? The perspective they carry is a weapon. It tells them when to make their exit.

Recognize when you’ve changed.

This Full Moon takes no prisoners. It tells us that it is time to peer around the door we have set between us and the world, before it is torn away. We have known this stagnant comfort for too long. The betterness you are aspiring for is tangible, but you must move to obtain it. Move through the door, past the discomfort, and to it. This stagnance has frozen us in time, and while it may have been nice to linger for a while, the world aches to move on. It is longing for an empty room again. One with an unlocked door, that may be filled with opportunity.

You can tell yourself otherwise, but a watched pot never boils. Don’t wait up. Potential is proven, and it is meant to be acted upon. Look to the patterns and habits in your life. Do they help you, or break you? Virgo is familiar with the worth of the foreseeable. It is reliable, yes, but for what purpose? You cannot hold space for something that is melting in your hand. There is a lot that is possible in this world — that is why there is a difference between thinking and knowing. Have trust in what you know, but never to a fault. Learning the difference is a process.

The signs never hide.

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