New Moon in Pisces | February 2020

Happy New Moon!

This month’s New Moon in Pisces is summoning the past from its depths. Forgetting is not forgiving, and neither is suppressing. You cannot soak a heavy thing in feeling to make it drier. Who have you been, in both your darkest and brightest moments? Who have you witnessed walk away, then come back? It is all a cycle, and right now, we are returning.

It is your choice how to welcome it.

Our New Moon in Pisces will occur on February 23, at approximately 10:31 AM (EST).

New Moon in Pisces

This New Moon entices memory. Where — and when — did your journey to the center of yourself begin? What caused it? When did you realize you had wandered farther than ever before? The self is a forest. Vast, and incomprehensibly diverse. Inside this forest are caves, waterways, people, and things. They can either drive us closer to or farther from our reality. It is our choice on how to navigate the forest.

It is neither right nor wrong to be lost or found.

Pisces asks us to tread carefully, but never lightly. Wanting to dig in to the curiosity chaos brings is a natural urge. Who wouldn’t want to explore it? After all, there is so much to be done; the self is an uncharted landscape on its own. It is constantly morphing and changing, because we, as humans, are water-bodies. Our nature is fluidness, and we are built to expand. However, most of this growth occurs when we are distracted by our worldly objectives. Once things settle down, it is likely the shift will be felt, and we will begin to wonder, Why?

As these things resurface, it is best to feel them for what they are, and release them on that accord. Give yourself the time and space you need. Allow yourself to wallow, to rage, and to be silent, all in the comfort of your own presence. Once the waters have settled, reach out, and make your efforts known. The forest must be navigated by you, but not necessarily alone. Your people will come to you.

Surround yourself with understanding and respect.

Your journey of change and chance is not over once recognized. Pisces is handing out lots of opportunities to test what you’ve learned. There will be questions you find impossible to answer, and yet they will only make you more excited to know. It is a spirit such as this that must be cherished. You’re well on your way.

Keep exploring.

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