Mercury Retrograde | February 2020

Welcome to the first Mercury Retrograde of the decade!

Communicative Mercury will be transcending backwards with Pisces for the next 3 three weeks. Its journey through the emotional waters of Pisces will be vast, complex, and heartfelt. As we return to Aquarius, all will become clear.

Air always moves water.

Mercury. Image via NASA.

This retrograde began in Pisces on February 16. It will transition to Aquarius on March 4, and end in this sign on March 9.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius

While Mercury and Pisces share this time together, the world will be fueled by feeling. It’s as if what was sent to the depths is just now rising to the surface. After all, no anchor can hold a kicker down for long. It’s time to feel it all, or the tension won’t just rise with the tides.

As with every Mercury Retrograde, it’s best to think before you speak — or do anything in general. This is not to say we should let our inner-perfectionist run wild (we’d all probably end up rocking in corners if we did this), but double-check any risky texts, and consider your word choice carefully. Pisces will be pulling some long forgotten feelings to the surface. Let them cool before serving.

Even in water, burns are possible.

Pisces isn’t the only one stirring things up. With Mercury, our horizons are broadening in ways we neither knew of or desired, but they will continue to anyway. You can ignore the signs, but they will only come back as symptoms. Know that it’s okay to feel the pain, and wallow in your own tears. The salt will melt always old layers.

Shedding is a part of growing.

Truth comes easiest when both parties already know. Don’t press for answers; allow the explanations to materialize on their own. Cultivation is a process, but it prefaces mastery. Pisces wants to look, then feel, then do it all again. This will repeat until they are satisfied, or curious about something else. Mercury, too, desires the game before the big win. You’re not just drawing this out, you’re giving the big picture time to create itself. Allow the paint to dry.

As we transition from Pisces to Aquarius, the emotional high will dim. We will shift from feeling and experiencing to thinking and learning. Aquarius provides the hindsight needed for every situation to be fully understood. When we’re swept up in the romance, some things may be tossed aside — literally. Aquarius asks us to pick these things up, and describe them. There will always be something we didn’t notice before.

Aquarius may be pulling us down from the daydream, but for now, it’s ours. Do so with it as you wish.

There is more chance here than you recognize.

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