Full Moon in Leo | February 2020

Happy Full Moon!

This month’s Full Moon in Leo is an encounter to remember. Right now, we are being reminded of our many places in this world, and how our perspective is never what it seems. What we know as a light may be a darkness to another, so be gentle when justifying a single course of action. An absence is a presence, anyway.

Our Full Moon in Leo will occur on February 9, at approximately 2:33 AM (EST).

Full Moon in Leo

Our Full Moon in Leo is a dealbreaker, as well as a maker. Forged in fire, Leo carries this same kernel of intensity in each and every one of their pursuits. It may be slow-burning at first, but once it catches on, their motive is impossible to stop. Perhaps it is best to keep the ball rolling.

Follow the path of least resistance. 

Now is not the time to squander any flow of energy. If you wish, you may follow it until the day’s end. It will not be time wasted. Let go of any construct that hinders how you move, love, or live. Their tiredness will never prove them true; lay them to rest, and move on. Right now, Leo asks us to walk away with pride and honesty. No amount of false nonchalant-ness will prove you stronger than that.

How do you love?

Our perceptions of who we are (and the perceptions others have of us) are coming back in tenfold. Nothing is as it seems, and this is just another example of that. It may come as a surprise that we are much more needed and beloved than we knew, but what would life be without surprises? Without them to move us along, perhaps we’d stay stangant forever. This state of non-attachment may be comfortable to reside in temporarily, but for the long term, it is hazardous. Allow yourself to fall back in love, whether it be with life, yourself, or another. Don’t try to keep your cool. It was never honestly there to begin with.

Be genuine. 

Under this Full Moon, do not try to be right. Do not search for answers, simple or complex. Instead, let them come to you. There is a certain power in accepting uncertainty as an experience of its own. Moving forward, you can be who you want to be. Just allow yourself to love.

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