New Moon in Aquarius | January 2020

Happy New Moon!

Our New Moon in Aquarius calls us to challenge all that we’ve come to know. Our tired concepts of normalcy and the strange have expired, and now, we are rewriting our codes. This Moon has harnessed the power of the unspoken and forgotten, providing us with all the resources we need to rediscover our sense of self.

It is time to resurrect.

Our New Moon in Aquarius will occur on January 24, at approximately 4:41 PM (EST).

New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is a rebel with a cause. Looking beyond an issue to its core — and finding its purpose — is one of their many gifts. As an Air sign, they require freedom and mobility. To their insecure side, though, even just the slightest illusion of it is enough to grant them peace.

Reflect: What are the lies you believe and hold space for? How do they hold you back?

With this New Moon, we are moved to reconsider how we compromise. Where do we fall short, and endlessly look for reason for it? Despite our conditioning, it is not ungrateful to aspire for betterment. We can work to become fuller versions of ourselves without taking what we have now for granted. You don’t need permission to change.

Your evolvement is necessary.

Now is the perfect time to release these patterns of doubt and self-stunting. They stem from anxiety, and a fear of change. Think of Aquarius as a continually unraveling spool of thread. Later on down the line, there will always be more. To experience this, though, you must be free. Don’t hold space for beliefs that render you stagnant. You are meant to move, too.

There is no right way.

Know that right now, there are no rules. When we embrace the light of Aquarius — boundless, freedom fighting, and intuitive — while learning from its dark side — stagnant, searching, and fooled by illusion — we can leap into change, headfirst. In this pursuit, be soulful and curious. See yourself as an energy source, and notice how you fluctuate in your surroundings. Think. Think a lot. Use your brain, but don’t try to use it the right way.

If it’s right, you won’t have to try.

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