Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer | January 2020

Our New Year is kicking off with a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. 

This month’s astrology is reflecting our inner-shifts. Right now, we want to experience it all, while also hiding from it all. Confusion is present, but so is certainty. We’ve entered a limbo, so to speak, between what is known and unknown. Let the gloves come off. It is time to be unleashed, and to get comfortable with only being in control of yourself.

Both events will occur in the sign Cancer, on January 10. The Full Moon will peak at approximately 2:21 PM, with the peak of the eclipse occurring shortly before, at 2:10 PM (EST). This day will be full of magic.

Full Moon

This month’s Full Moon will occur in the astrological sign Cancer, on January 10, at approximately 2:21 PM. Under this Moon, the growth we have undergone will be made known.

It is time to reap our rewards.

Think of it as a challenge. How do we become seen? Is it a matter of antics or appearance? How do we become heard? Is it who’s loudest, or who’s quietest? There are so many factors at play in being noticed. But know that how we present is only a small fraction of the true magic. Cancer teaches us that the intention and feeling(s) that go into our work are equally — if not more — important. It isn’t just a matter of how, but why.

How do you work to be noticed? Why?

Cancer prizes the climb to, well, everything. This being success, love, and commitment. They are a visionary when it comes to emotional displays, but their actions are not rooted in exploitation. No, they are rooted in a search for acceptance. Take notes from the statues we witness in nature. From century-old trees to mighty owls, there are creatures in this world that exist for solitary purposes. They have a dedication to their role like no other. We could see their servitude as confinement, but it is also a comfort. Their beauty is always there, however, it is never waiting to be received. They work for no one but the cycle of life.

Take this Full Moon as an opportunity to become more comfortable with yourself. Because yes, it really does matter. Comfort and stability are respectable humans needs, but our search for them — or any level of acceptance — will feel endless if we are not fully accepting of ourselves. Projection is a devil, and an ugly one at that. Discover what this level of acceptance means to you. It can be as simple or extravagant as you like (that’s the fun thing about Cancer, they don’t scrimp), but be a daredevil in this pursuit. There is so much to feel and be in this world, so it is a valuable trait to be a rock yourself.

There is no place like home for you, but you.

Lunar Eclipse

The second eclipse of the season will be a Lunar Eclipse, and will occur in the astrological sign Cancer. This eclipse will begin on January 10 at the start of the afternoon, and end early in the evening. It is a packed day!

Complete Eclipse Timeline:

  • Beginning: January 10 at approximately 12:07 PM
  • Peak: January 10 at approximately 2:10 PM
  • Ending: January 10 at approximately 4:12 PM

All times listed in EST.

During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, and enters a brief period of partial or total obstruction. In the case of this eclipse, the Moon will be partially obstructed by the Earth’s shadow. With the remainder of the Moon’s light, what will we choose to see?

What is there to know?

An eclipse is a parallel of forces and energies. It is a death and a birth, a falling and a catching. It reminds us to let go of patterns that go against our true nature, which is to follow the wave. This lunar eclipse will be an especially polar event. With Cancer, our drive to move and make shifts is impeccably strong. They are a fluid sign, who admire the ability to fall into place. So, fall. And then be caught.

Let go.

Consider this a devotion, and lay it all out on the table. Whatever it is that has been pulling on your strings, allow it to be seen. Cancer reminds us that feelings come and go freely. If there is an experience you’re holding onto, know that there will be plenty of opportunities to feel again. This is a freedom in itself. We do not need our past experiences cluttering our conscious. Cancer, though sentimental, knows this. A clean slate is a gift few take, but it’s here for our reaping.


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